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The Shroomery is proud to be sponsored by many of the best companies in the business. Their continued support is what makes this page possible, and the quality and service they provide to the community is consistently top-notch. If you're in the market for a product which one of our sponsors provides, we strongly recommend that you look to them first. You'll be assured timely service at a reasonable price, and by supporting our sponsors you'll be helping to support The Shroomery as well.

Please note that The Shroomery is unable to provide customer service for our sponsors. If you have any questions or comments, please address them to the appropriate contact from the list below.

If you're interested in becoming a Shroomery Sponsor, please contact us!

Website NickE-Mail AddressSponsor For
Lil' Shop of Spores night train sales@lilshopofspores.com More than 11 years
TheHawksEye Ryche Hawk thehawkseye@hushmail.com More than 11 years
The Spore Depot the spore depot admin@thesporedepot.com More than 3 years
Magic-Mushrooms-Shop support@magic-mushrooms-shop.com More than 2 years
High Mountain Compost Highmountiansh highmountain@olypen.com More than 11 years
Gaiana.nl Gaiana.nl contact@gaiana.nl More than 2 years
Shroom Supply ShroomSupply.com ryan@shroomsupply.com More than 3 years
VapoShop info@vaposhop.com More than 5 years
MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze MRCA info@gluckspilze.com More than 10 years
Fairy Ring Spores fairyringspores admin@fairyringspores.com Less than 1 year
Weed Seed Shop info@weedseedshop.com More than 1 year
KrakenKratom Kraken Kratom support@krakenkratom.com Less than 1 year
MycoSupply Lana sales@mycosupply.com More than 11 years
Azarius Azarius pr@azarius.net More than 11 years
World Seed Supply World Seed Supply info@worldseedsupply.net More than 5 years
Kratom Eye KratomEye info@kratomeye.com Less than 1 year
FreeSpores.com Sporalator orders@freespores.com More than 5 years
Everything Mushrooms EverythingMushroom info@everythingmushrooms.com More than 5 years
MycoPath Cryogenicz orders@mycopath.com More than 9 years
Out-Grow.com Out Grow mike@out-grow.com More than 4 years
Avalon Magic Plants avalonmagicplants info@avalonmagicplants.com More than 6 years
Sporeworks psilocyber pc@sporeworks.com More than 11 years
Myco Supply
Please support our sponsors.

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