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InvisibleThe Doobie Dude
Suck my big toe

Registered: 04/28/13
Posts: 10,939
Never seen you around
03/14/15 04:54 PM

Try not to take the Internet so seriously you'll hurt yourself if you do.
InvisibleRas Rising
Friend of Nature

Registered: 07/13/13
Posts: 1,162
Loc: Under The Bridge
Hope ive pinned the right dead ;)
03/12/15 12:11 PM

:toast:Hey man! hope all is well! jus' Ras here, dropping off these er' 5 shrooms you've long deserved... :hug:

Been wonderful talking and chatting. You seem like a great guy and i look forward to our continued coexistence! A great shroomerite! please enjoy your stay!
:heart::sun:Infinite love and light:sun::heart:,
Longevity and flight:flyhigh:,

Ras from the dead of night :laugh2:,

InvisibleBurke Dennings
your fellow pubber

Registered: 11/29/04
Posts: 67,648
Loc: Moscow Disco
11/19/14 11:32 PM

Awesome guy.  Real friendly to chat with.
Friendly Neighborhood Bob Ross
Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/21/04
Posts: 22,394
Loc: rooftop cocktail party
11/02/14 08:51 AM

Re: Re: Catcalling Is A Thing That Happens

Well said. :thumbup:

deadendeavor responded on 11/03/14 11:55 PM:

Thanks man!  You had some great posts in that thread as well.
I guess you can't please everyone, but I still find it critical to dispel that aberrant perspective.  Kudos for being on the right side :thumbup:


Registered: 05/29/14
Posts: 1,892
Last seen: 4 hours, 40 minutes
Lubba yoo Dead
10/25/14 08:11 AM

Much hearts :heartpump::heartpump::heartpump:

deadendeavor responded on 11/02/14 02:41 AM:

:heartpump: Oh Euphie... You make my feels fuzzy :cuddles:
Can't wait til Juuuune!! :bearbreakdance:

space cadet
 User Gallery

Registered: 08/20/10
Posts: 5,517
02/07/13 06:54 PM

I really enjoy seein' ya in chat, good conversations.

also, computer music :smilingpuppy:


i met you in person and you're even better

Last Edited 08/05/14 10:22 PM

deadendeavor responded on 09/05/14 10:37 PM:

Thanks bro :awesome: Looking forward to meeting again! Hopefully in a couple of weeks :grin:

Slut Faggot
 User Gallery

Registered: 12/21/06
Posts: 10,925
Last seen: 5 hours, 59 minutes
chill dude
04/08/14 09:28 PM

dat mexy
Leader of the Examples
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/14/09
Posts: 9,451
Loc: Australia Flag
Last seen: 53 seconds
Shroomery points
10/08/13 11:56 AM

OfflineVriska Serket

Registered: 10/02/13
Posts: 785
Last seen: 9 hours, 42 minutes
the guy in your avatar
10/06/13 12:09 PM

kinda looks like Andrew Hussie

Ole' Salty
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/13/12
Posts: 12,889
Loc: The Beach
07/15/13 04:21 AM

an amazing person..

edit +5 shrooms for you. :laugh:

:peace: & :heart:

Last Edited 10/04/13 05:44 AM
That's DR. trainwreck to you
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/08/04
Posts: 10,033
Loc: Eastern standard time, US...
Last seen: 11 hours, 3 minutes
09/24/13 03:48 AM

For the positive words :smile:
RIP Sasha

Registered: 03/29/10
Posts: 28,336
Loc: TX Flag
good dude right here
09/23/13 02:14 AM

Rumple Foreskin
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/30/11
Posts: 9,901
Last seen: 10 hours, 48 minutes
have i rated you yet?
09/15/13 11:11 PM

Re: Re: Who is your FAAAAVORITE Shroomerite!?! :laugh:

Idk If I've rated you, I prob have.
But here's 5 more hahahah

You're a good poster!
InvisibleRobo Shaman
ıν ѕяıяaснa ɗяıр

Registered: 05/08/07
Posts: 12,898
07/12/13 11:05 PM

Re: Re: The Heavy Album Thread


deadendeavor said:
Best album ever written?  Probably.

For this post you made, over 5 years ago lol.
All Good Things Come To An End
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/15/12
Posts: 12,606
Loc: Treant's anus Flag
Last seen: 1 day, 5 hours
smart guy who i enjoy conversing with
06/10/13 03:51 AM

Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/15/12
Posts: 7,944
Loc: Florida Flag
Last seen: 38 minutes, 10 seconds
03/30/13 09:58 PM

Male User Gallery

Registered: 12/07/10
Posts: 11,574
Loc: North East Flag
Last seen: 6 minutes, 55 seconds
03/20/13 05:30 AM

Thanks! :mad2:

deadendeavor responded on 03/21/13 05:07 AM:


King of the Neckbeards

Registered: 03/25/08
Posts: 8,967
Loc: PA Flag
02/16/13 09:57 PM

Rates me zero because I find it funny the chat got shut down.



I just like to rustle jimmies,

it's okay if people try to rustle mine as well

Last Edited 03/14/13 01:35 AM

deadendeavor responded on 02/16/13 10:38 PM:

but no, not really.

Last Edited 03/10/13 03:50 AM

wreck the discotheque
 User Gallery

Registered: 02/27/10
Posts: 13,193
Loc: Nirvana
Last seen: 12 minutes, 17 seconds
03/13/13 02:18 PM

for your contribution to my thread in LN. Your input is appreciated. :sun:
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/29/12
Posts: 3,935
Loc: Bristol county,Massachuse...
Last seen: 1 month, 25 days
03/08/13 11:19 PM

Just ignore the old rating.

Last Edited 03/09/13 10:39 AM
¡(Bound to·(O))be free!
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/11/04
Posts: 10,791
Loc: I re·side [primarily] in...
Last seen: 11 hours, 7 minutes
mushroom dreams
11/01/06 12:37 PM


Edit: Just found out you love Zelda!
Have some extra shrooms!

Last Edited 03/07/13 10:14 AM

Registered: 01/17/13
Posts: 300
Loc: Anus, Cantaffordit
Last seen: 5 months, 3 days
This guy is great
02/22/13 05:05 PM

Just giving what is deserved.
☼ pareidolia ☾

Registered: 02/15/13
Posts: 197
Last seen: 6 months, 25 days
woo hooo
02/19/13 11:15 PM

Don't really know ya, but you are nice.
Thanks for the complement. :smile:
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/03/10
Posts: 19,427
Last seen: 8 hours, 3 minutes
part of the hive mind
02/18/13 05:46 AM

i never complained to ythan.

other members complained to ythan and got the chat shut down.

dont be an idiot.
I suck and you should kill me

Registered: 03/07/11
Posts: 14,344
Last seen: 8 days, 18 hours
Right back at cha!
02/11/13 05:48 PM

You too have good taste in music and a good sense of humour!


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