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IIt's 100% not called flaming. it's called bumping. Flaming is when you are a total douchebag to another user. You say everything you need to know is available by searching, yet you use improper terminology because you were too lazy to search and make sure you used it correctly.
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I thought I was the only one... :D 
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Once you have the rice cakes inside the terrarium what kind of upkeep does the terrarium need? Do you need to keep adding water every so often. I would be using the shotgun style terrarium. 
Also, how do you know when its time to harvest the shrooms? When do you know the last flush has occurred and it is time to wash out the perlite and start fresh? 

Any answers would be greatly appreciated. 
Posted by jddrunkpunk (12/10/13 04:50 PM)
haha i love this! i find it incredibly infuriating that most people want to get spoon-fed all their knowledge now a days, i blame Google. i think if you have a beautiful site like this and you want to actually learn, you'll pick up pretty quickly. i mean if you're on a website forum you can't be that opposed to reading right? so read! read! read!
Posted by skuzzysGirlfriend (01/24/12 12:25 PM)
Thanks for the info the only thing I think is hard is that I wanna post and try to give my opinion on things, but I wouldn't be very respected or the experience on the site. I may be a noob on this website, but I don't feel like a complete nooby grower or consumer. I've already been exposed on how the whole growing part works because my boyfriend has grown a lot and I've seen every single grow he's done. I watched him carefully on every grow, so what he learned I eventually learned as well. So if I have questions I just ask him. But I still want to ask questions on here so I get respect and do it myself. I've actually just started to grow all by myself. I love doing shrooms, and I enjoy watching them grow and nurturing them. 
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Posted by K K (09/18/11 02:41 PM)
I disagree.  Ive only been on this site a couple of days now and I have had no problem at all finding the information that I need.  The top toolbar menu is incredibly useful and after reading all the material, everything else is available via the search box.  Want to look into bulk growing? Type "bulk" into the search bar and everything is right there for your viewing pleasure. If anything this is too easy.

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Posted by occollegeboi (06/29/11 10:05 AM)
The problem is that this website is a LABYRINTH and you have to look in just the right nooks and crannies to get the info you need. It's easy to find stuff on the very basic pf tek, but beyond that, everything else is very very scattered. If you hover your mouse on the top of the site, where it says, "mushroom info" a tab comes down with different things such as "Experience mushrooms" "grow mushrooms" etc etc. When you click on "grow mushrooms", it will bring up links such as  "getting started" and "general cultivation."  Well I've done pf tek which is super easy and there's really only 1 way of explaining it. Now I want to do a small scale bulk grow, but this site has an OVERWHELMING amount of information. I have not been overwhelmed since I was in junior high school when a teacher used to give out tons of homework. When you click on "general cultivation" it brings up different topics such as "agar storage" "bulk substrates" etc etc... Where do I look in this giant maze of a website to even find out what all these terms mean? I'm the type of person who needs a textbook type of material to learn anything from where it breaks everything down and explains everything. There's a lot of "teks" that people have written that are easy to follow, but I'd like to learn all the terminology and everything related to bulk growing before I even read a tek or even think about reading a tek. I think this site needs to have a small overhaul for the BEGINNER grower so that it's easier to find stuff. I mean, I have all day to read read read, but I'd rather not spend all day searching for stuff that could be easily found. I mean, this isn't a college class, I shouldn't have to search high and low to get the exact info I am looking for.  I'm honestly sick of "spamming" the cultivation thread and I know a lot of my questions are really stupid. Believe me, I feel bad for asking some of my questions, but I honestly do not know where to begin.