Posted by filsdepiet (06/29/11 10:30 AM)
 i used a Ultrasonic Humidifier and perlite 
the ultrasonic gets on evry 15min  for air and got some extra holes
is this a good thing or is it to much for casing methods ?
with pf tech it works great
 my terrarium is 70cm x 50cm and 35cm high
please help me ! ?

Posted by dawson (03/16/09 07:16 PM)
Im wondering why a warm mist humidifier isnt recommended, as this would be a heating element, humidity control, and for any added benefit it heats the water to a steam purifying it.
Posted by Fonzi03 (05/01/08 05:23 PM)

so yeah im just using a simple  terrarium using pearlite but i have holes drilled throughout the entire thing. The cakes are placed on top of tinfoil and i am constantly misting the entire  terrarium with R.O. water...does anyone think this will pose any problems or should they be the way i am growing penis envy

and if anyone knows were i can get a "cool mist" humidifier please tell me this method does sound better

Posted by fastfred (01/05/08 01:56 AM)
He says "cool mist" which really has no meaning today as it's been applied to ultrasonics, evaporative wick, and impeller type humidifiers at one time or another.  If you go to the store and randomly grab a "cool mist" humidifier you'll likely get an evaporative wick type humidifier and be dissapointed. 
Posted by ildanach (07/10/07 08:20 AM)
I have a hole cut in the top of my terrarium covered in three sheets of garbage  bag of various taughtness. they have holes at various never matching points. This lets air escape, keeps the terrarium rather clean, and lets me know I have positive pressure.
Posted by carloscastenada (06/13/07 05:08 PM)
I didn't know there was a third type of humdifier.  I've mostly seen evaporative (wick-type) and ultrasonic humidifiers. 

That being said, does this look like the right kind? 

Posted by maxflavor (12/08/06 01:18 PM)

Yeah, sounds pretty sweet, but how does the exchange actually take place.  If your constantly pumping in the humidified water, where does it escape? holes in the terrarium.  Fan?

Posted by seagul (11/12/06 11:17 AM)

hi, one question, do you have out-take holes in your terrarium.?

like polyfill holes on the opposite side?