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Good Mushrooms and Bad Toadstools (Rookie Read-About Science)
by Allan Fowler
Good Mushrooms and Bad Toadstools (Rookie Read-About Science) List Price: $4.95
Used Price: $7.25
Explains how mushrooms grow, which ones we eat, and why some are safe to eat and some are not.

Champignons de France
by collectif
Champignons de France

Mycorrhiza Manual
by A. Varma (Editor)
Mycorrhiza Manual List Price: $148.00
Used Price: $89.99
Mycorrhiza - symbiotic associations between plant roots and fungi - play a major role in many fundamental plant functions such as mineral nutrition or stress resistance. As the link between plants and the soil, mycorrhiza are of great interest for developing new strategies in sustainable economies. Since they allow a decreased use of fertilizer and pesticides, negative impacts on the environment can be minimalized. This manual contains contributions from international scientists, offering a variety of practical protocols for analyzing mycorrhiza, including molecular, biochemical, genetical and physiological techniques.

Sacred Mushroom Seeker : Tributes to R. Gordon Wasson
by Thomas J. Riedlinger (Editor), Terrence McKenna (Contributor), Peter T. Furst (Contributor)
Sacred Mushroom Seeker : Tributes to R. Gordon Wasson List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $18.96
Used Price: $13.50
A celebration of the life and pioneering work of the eminent mycologist and scholar R. Gordon Wasson. A legendary figure in the field of ethnobotany, R. Gordon Wasson's trail-blazing work on hallucinogenic mushrooms with the Mexican curandera Maria Sabina in the 1950s brought increased scholarly attention to the importance of psychoactive plants in the spiritual life of indigenous peoples and had a profound influence well beyond the academic world. His accessible writings helped popularize these discoveries, forming the ground for the social revolution of the following decade. With the growing interest in the role of psychoactive plants in society today, the work of R. Gordon Wasson and the example set by the man himself, so well illustrated here, takes on increasing importance.

In the Company of Mushrooms : A Biologist's Tale
by Elio Schaechter, Moselio Schaechter
In the Company of Mushrooms : A Biologist's Tale This book is a delightful foray into the world of fungi. Schaechter, a microbiologist, takes us on a tour of the world of mushrooms and mushroomers, serving up his insights, firsthand experience, and scientific expertise with a healthy dose of good humor. He leads us through field and forest, book shops and laboratories, demonstrating how mushrooms and mushrooming became his own hobby and passion. In the Company of Mushrooms is a book both for experienced mushroomers and for beginners--for those who have a hobby and those who are searching for one.

Medical Mycology: A Self-Instructional Text
by Martha E., Md. Kern, Kathleen S., Phd Blevins
Medical Mycology: A Self-Instructional Text List Price: $44.95
Our Price: $41.90
Used Price: $30.78
A text for beginning mycologists, discussing general and specific characteristics, cultivation, and identification of medically important fungi, useful for both self-directed study and classroom instruction. Modules contain prerequisites, objectives, outlines, follow-up activities, study questions and answers, and self-tests. Includes color photos and b&w diagrams, a glossary, and lists of manufacturers and common symptoms. This second edition has new information on DNA testing, antifungal therapeutics, and phagomycosis.

Mycorrhizal Symbiosis
by Sally E. Smith, David J. Read
Mycorrhizal Symbiosis List Price: $146.00
Our Price: $121.00
Used Price: $113.66
This is a book that can be used by a wide readership, from students to researchers alike, to learn in detail about such a widespread symbiosis. The appeal to a relatively diverse audience is facilitated by the beautifully written text, the excellent figures and plates (only one has to see the cover for an example) and the way general principles are illustrated with sufficient but not overwhelming detail from the cited references. I was compelled to read further and further into the book by the synthesis of existing information followed by the large number of suggestions for future work.
In summary, this is a superb book. It must be the current seminal work on mycorrhizas and no mycologist or soil or plant ecologist should be without a copy.

Patterns in Fungal Development
by Sui-Wai Chiu, David Moore
Patterns in Fungal Development List Price: $99.00
Our Price: $99.00
Used Price: $49.76
The theory of pattern formation, assumed to be applicable to all multicellular organisms, has been developed largely through the study of animal, and to a lesser extent, plant systems. Fungi, members of the third major kingdom of eukaryotes, have not featured in these studies, although much research of fungal morphology has been undertaken with taxonomic intentions. This first account of the developmental biology of fungal morphogenesis considers whether evidence exists for the action of pattern forming mechanisms in the development of fungal structures. Chapters on the fruit body, on a range of aspects of the hyphae and the mycelium, and on genetic control and nuclear events in morphogenesis provide new insights into the mechanisms used in fungal construction. Aimed at developmental biologists as well as mycologists, the terminology has been kept as simple as possible to make the volume accessible to the widest audience.

Fundamentals of the Fungi
by Elizabeth Moore-Landecker
Fundamentals of the Fungi List Price: $128.40
Our Price: $128.40
Used Price: $48.95
This broad introduction to the field of mycology explores the more dynamic aspects of the fungi — including their morphology, taxonomy, evolution, physiology, ecology, pathological relationships, and commercial utilization. Provides information on the history of mycology as well as applications of molecular biology techniques for the study of fungi. Also covers the role of fungi in degradation of pesticides, food spoilage, biological control utilizing fungi, and fungi as human allergens.

Introductory Mycology
by C. J. Alexopoulos, Charles W. Mims, M. Blackwell
Introductory Mycology List Price: $146.95
Our Price: $139.00
Used Price: $29.98
Revised and updated in accordance with modern taxonomic proposals, this edition offers a well-documented, logical and clear explanation of the structure and classification of fungi along with an introduction to physiological, biochemical, genetic and ecological data. The taxonomic approach provides a framework with predictive value. Therefore, the discussions of the numerous activities of fungi that directly or indirectly impact other living things, including humans, are discussed in the context.

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