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by Johnny Acton, Nick Sandler
Mushroom List Price: $29.95
Used Price: $6.00
For thousands of years, mushrooms have fascinated people. They have long beguiled us with their beauty and haunted us with their potential to do harm. We have treasured them for their medicinal and trance-inducing properties and delighted in their succulent taste. Always, we have marveled at their miraculous appearance. And we have gone to incredible lengths to seek out the choicest varieties or to learn to cultivate the few varieties that will allow it. Mushrooms are more than just food, so this is more than just a cookbook. Mushroom brings together innovative recipes, scientific morphology and classification, and identification and gathering tips to form the most comprehensive guide available on the subject of edible mushrooms. Everything is here: from an insight into the extraordinary role of fungi in history and folklore to a vivid description of the thrill of the mushroom hunt itself. It provides clear instructions for singling out delectable varieties from poisonous look-alikes, and where and under what conditions the most sought-after types are likely to be found. With specific sections on cèpes, morels, chanterelles, and truffles, Mushroom covers all the well-known kinds and, with additional sections on parasols, blewits, and shaggy ink caps, shines light on some of the lesser-known but equally delicious varieties as well. But above all, mushrooms are to be eaten, and at the heart of the book are its seventy superb recipes. All are imbued with the spirit of the mushrooms themselves. Loaded with beautiful color photographs of mushrooms in both their natural habitat and in the delicious recipes that have been created for them, this book will appeal equally to the gourmand and the naturalist. (9 x 10 1/2, 176 pages, color photos) Johnny Acton and Nick Sandler are cofounders of SOUP works, the London restaurant chain.

Applied Mycology and Biotechnology : Volume 2. Agriculture and Food Production
by George G. Khachatourians, Dilip K. Arora
Applied Mycology and Biotechnology : Volume 2. Agriculture and Food Production List Price: $190.00
Our Price: $190.00
Used Price: $160.33
This volume of Applied Mycology and Biotechnology completes the set of two volumes dedicated to the coverage of recent developments on the theme "Agriculture and Food Production". The first volume provided overview on fungal physiology, metabolism, genetics and biotechnology and highlighted their connection with particular applications to food production. The second volume examines various specific applications of mycology and fungal biotechnology to food production and processing. In the second volume coverage on two remaining areas of the theme, food crop production and applications in the foods and beverages sector, is presented. The interdisciplinary and complex nature of the subject area, combined with the need to consider the sustainability of agri-food practices, its economics and industrial perspectives, requires a certain focus and selectivity of subjects.

Essential Fungal Genetics
by Moore, David, Novak Frazer, LilyAnn
Essential Fungal Genetics List Price: $99.00
Our Price: $79.10
Used Price: $99.91
Most genetics textbooks deal adequately with plant and animal genetics, but tend to neglect fungi except for two areas. Firstly, the ascus segregations which, in the 1960s, contributed so much to developing an understanding of the mechanism of recombination and secondly, the contribution that work on yeast (as a model eukaryote) is currently making to understanding cell cycle control and its genetic regulation. Consequently, most introductory genetics texts will leave the reader/student with the impression that fungi are of use when peculiarities of their structure or life style suit them to particular experimental approaches, but are not worth mentioning otherwise. The authors have produced a book that will compensate for this imbalance. This book discusses the genetics of fungi in a way that is attractive and challenging, succinct yet comprehensive, sensitive to commercial and applied aspects, yet also theoretical, dealing with their genetics from molecules to individuals to population. This short text will be an ideal supplement to the established basic textbooks in genetics or can be used as the sole text for an advanced course devoted to fungal genetics.

Reflections on the Fungaloids
by Betty Williamson
Reflections on the Fungaloids List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $16.47
Used Price: $2.05
This beautiful, 13 1/4 x 9 3/8 inch coffee-table book interweaves science, mysticism and art into a fascinating tapestry. The full-color illustrations of mushrooms are breathtaking, and are accompanied by taxonomic, historical and cultural data on the species depicted. Reflections on the Fungaloids is a valuable addition to any mycophile’s library!

Ainsworth and Bisby's Dictionary of Fungi
by G. C. Ainsworth, P. M. Kirk (Editor), Guy Richard Bisby, Cabi Bioscience, J. A. Staplers (Editor)
Ainsworth and Bisby's Dictionary of Fungi List Price: $110.00
Our Price: $93.30
Used Price: $84.47
This is the one essential handbook for all who work with or are interested in fungi (inlcuding lichens, slime moulds and yeasts). This new edition, with more than 20,500 entries, provides the most complete listing of generic names of and terms used to describe fungi available. For each genus, the authority, the date of publication, status, systematic position, number of accepted species, distribution, and key references are given. Diagnoses of families, orders and higher categories are included for most groups. In addition, there are biographic notes, information on well-known metabolites and mycotoxins, and broad accounts of almost all pure and applied aspects of the subject (including citations of important literature). All information has been updated as necessary since the publication of the eighth edition in 1995. In addition the ninth edition has the following new features: a refined classification of fungal phyla reflecting the latest molecular evidence, including a major revision of the classification of the Ascomycota; a full integration of anamorphic genera in the classification; a revised synopsis of the proposed classification.

The Mycota: A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research, Volume VIII: Biology of the Fungal Cell
by Howard, Richard J.; Gow, Neil A.R.
The Mycota: A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research, Volume VIII: Biology of the Fungal Cell List Price: $195.00
Biology of the Fungal Cell offers a select sampling of current knowledge and direction of fundamental research into the cellular structure, morphogenesis and development of fungi. Topics range from the mechanisms of invasive growth and controls of polarity, to the nature of extracellular matrices and the various connections through the cell wall to the cytoskeleton and beyond. The fungal cell is considered in the context of colony formation, as well as from a molecular point of view - from signal transduction to the vast tubular matrix that comprises the vacuole system - with an over-riding emphasis on biology. The volume concludes with a forward-looking consideration of genomics as perhaps the most powerful tool available for studies of the fungal cell. Each chapter, some lavishly illustrated, authored by highly respected scientists in the field, offers an in-depth review of the subject that is key to a basic understanding on how these organisms develop as cells, colonies and pathogens.

Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi : Photographs of Mushrooms and Other Fungi from Around the World
by Taylor F. Lockwood
Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi : Photographs of Mushrooms and Other Fungi from Around the World List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $21.86
Used Price: $35.80
"Simply stunning" is the best way to describe this offering from photographer and mushroom lover Taylor Lockwood. 128 pages of gorgeous full-color photographs of fungi from around the world, arranged into chapters with titles such as, "A Touch of Glass", "Small Wonders" and "Food of the Gods". Not an identification guide, this book is more the ultimate coffee-table book of fungi. A must-have for any mycophile's library.

The Mycota: Industrial Applications (The Mycota: The Mycota: Industrial Applications (The Mycota: a Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research)
by H.D. Osiewacz (Editor)
The Mycota: Industrial Applications (The Mycota: The Mycota: Industrial Applications (The Mycota: a Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental Systems for Basic and Applied Research) List Price: $282.00
Our Price: $282.00
Used Price: $185.88
This volume provides an overview of both the state of the art in the traditional fields of industrial mycology as well as of the evaluation of novel applications of fungi in agriculture, environmental biology, and medicine. The first section is devoted to the traditional use of fungi in the production and processing of food and beverages. The second section deals with different fungal metabolites and enzymes. Here, both fungal substances, such as antibiotics, that are part of industrial production processes and those which have not yet been developed into commercial products, but bear important potentials, are introduced. The third section treats the ability of fungi to degrade organic substances or to absorb substrates, which can be used for the purification of contaminated sites and for recycling processes. The last part presents future developments and strategies to produce heterologous proteins.

The Fifth Kingdom
by Bryce Kendrick
The Fifth Kingdom List Price: $42.95
Our Price: $31.35
Used Price: $16.39
This 3rd edition is a compact but comprehensive encyclopedia of all things mycological. Every aspect of the fungi, from aflatoxin to zppspores, with an accessible blend of verve and wit. The 24 chapters are filled with up-to-date information of classification, yeast, lichens, spore dispersal, allergies, ecology, genetics, plant pathology, predatory fungi, biological control, mutualistic symbioses with animals and plants, fungi as food, food spoilage and mycotoxins.

The Rainbow Beneath My Feet: A Mushroom Dyer's Field Guide
by Arleen Raines Bessette
The Rainbow Beneath My Feet: A Mushroom Dyer's Field Guide List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $18.21
Used Price: $16.07
Alan Bessette (mycologist; biology, Utica College of Syracuse U.) and Arlene Bessette (mycologist, botanical photographer) have previously published works on mushrooms. Here they present a guide to some of the most common and best color-producing dye mushrooms of North America. Coverage includes descriptions and illustrations of dye mushroom species; a color key to the major groups of dye mushrooms; when and where to collect dye mushrooms; collecting clothing and equipment; preparing wool for dyeing; preserving dye mushrooms; and the dyebath and dyeing the wool. Contains over 200 color photographs. Written in easy-to-follow, nontechnical language.
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