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The Easy Edible Mushroom Guide
by David Pegler
The Easy Edible Mushroom Guide List Price: $25.83
Our Price: $25.83
Used Price: $17.16
Wild mushrooms can be difficult to identify, and many poisonous species look similar to edible ones. An identification guide must therefore leave nothing to doubt, and this book uses both photographs and drawings to present all the essential details.

Les champignons
by Bernard Duhem, François Desbordes, Fernand Mognetti
Les champignons Used Price: $21.28

The Great Encyclopedia of Mushrooms
by Jean-Mari Polese, Jean-Louis Lamaison
The Great Encyclopedia of Mushrooms List Price: $19.95
Used Price: $7.01
The Great Encyclopedia of Mushrooms is billed by its publisher as a "culinary title," but fungi lovers who just want to look at them will enjoy this reference as much as gourmands. Profusely illustrated with color photos, cross-sections, and close-ups, this book will help you identify the mushrooms you pick and find out which ones are good to eat. (We prefer our customers alive, so heed the authors' warning and get your mushrooms identified by an expert mycologist before eating any you pick yourself.) After a thorough rundown on the parts of a mushroom and a glossary of terms, you'll find detailed descriptions of almost 500 wild species. The mushrooms are arranged according to taxonomy, so mycologists as well as amateurs will find this a useful guide. Both edible and poisonous species--and their look-alikes--are identified in this large book, perfect for figuring out what you've brought home after a pleasant day in the woods.

Mushroom Identifier : Illustrated Encyclopedia
by Peter Jordan
Mushroom Identifier : Illustrated Encyclopedia List Price: $9.95
Used Price: $9.95
The Mushroom Identifier commences with an introduction detailing everything a mushroom gatherer needs to know, including information on different mushroom habitats, where to locate mushrooms, times of year during which mushrooms grow, gathering equipment, storage, preservation, and making spore prints. This is followed by a fully illustrated A-Z guide to the features and habitats of the most popular edible mushrooms. A large majority of mushrooms are widely hunted for cooking and seasoning, and thus the Mushroom Identifier provides readers with hints and tips on preparation as well as recipe ideas. Each entry is also accompanied by expert photography of mushrooms and in-situ images of the growing mushroom for easy identification. The book closes with a chapter on inedible mushrooms that clearly illustrates all poisonous and potentially deceptive species which the mushroom gatherer will most likely encounter. The Mushroom Identifier is the most up-to-date and clearly written guide available on the market today; it is quick and easy to use, and provides essential, accessible information for knowledgeable and successful mushroom gathering.

Mushrooms of Northeast North America: Midwest to New England
by George Barron
Mushrooms of Northeast North America: Midwest to New England List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $24.95
Used Price: $14.97
This book by George Barron is a wonderful feild guide. Every picture is large and in vivid color not like many books that that have small or unclear pictures. This detail makes distinguishing alike mushrooms simple, and if you are still confused Mr. Barron's simple laid back notes on each will correct any confusion. The book has user friendly color coded sections. There is even extra information on edible and toxic mushrooms overall there is no better book on the market today to identify mushrooms period. Although Mr. Barron is an expert on this subject and has a Ph.D in Mycology he is a master at keeping it simple. If you are intrested in this topic, buy this book!

Morels- True or False: The Essential Field Guide and More
by Larry Lonik
Morels- True or False: The Essential Field Guide and More List Price: $10.95
Used Price: $8.25
Stackpole Books is proud to be the North American distributor for RKT Trade Publishing, featuring the work of Larry "Tree" Lonik, the world's foremost expert on the morel mushroom. He wrote the first book on morels, designed and built the first facility to commercially grow morels, picks morels around the world, and has been featured in numerous national, regional, and international media. "Larry is our foremost morel authority."

How to Identify Edible Mushrooms
by Patrick Harding, Tony Lyon, Gill Tomblin
How to Identify Edible Mushrooms List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $16.49
Used Price: $10.40
One in a series of guides, each arranged so all the similar-looking species are illustrated together, with tips on how to tell them apart. Added information on behaviour or habitat reinforce the identification points to ensure the user is on the right track.
76 main species; color illustrations; arranged by habitat; extensive background information. The 76 main species, both edible and poisonous, have detailed descriptions, including key features, habitat, frequency, season, spore print, and how to prepare. Each main species description also includes several lookalike species, which are also illustrated and described. A beginner's guide which claims to be comprehensive.

Mushrooms & Toadstools (Collins Watch Guide)
by HarperCollins
Mushrooms & Toadstools (Collins Watch Guide) List Price: $11.95
Used Price: $111.91
Designed to introduce more aspects of natural history to children, this is an indepth exploration of mushrooms and toadstools. It features fold-out pages to aid immediate reference and a protective laminated cover.

Mushrooms and Toadstools
by Patrick Harding, Alan Outen
Mushrooms and Toadstools List Price: $7.95
Used Price: $62.71
There are 4000 species of mushroom and toadstool in Britain and Europe. Larger umbrella-shaped fungi with a cap and stem are known as mushrooms if they are edible and toadstools if they are poisonous. This volume describes over 230 species which are to be commonly found. Each mushroom or toadstool entry includes: a photograph and clear description of what it looks like; details of size, habitat and season when it can be found; an indication of whether it is edible or poisonous; and the names of similar species with which the mushroom or toadstool could be confused, and details of the differences between them.

The Ultimate Mushroom Book: The Complete Guide to Mushrooms
by Peter Jordan, Steven Wheeler
The Ultimate Mushroom Book: The Complete Guide to Mushrooms List Price: $19.98
Used Price: $15.00
With over 800 full-color photographs, this is the most comprehensive and visually exciting book yet produced on an increasingly popular subject. It has a clear and up-to-date A-Z photographic guide to over 200 field mushrooms with invaluable images of the growing mushrooms for more accurate identification. The second half of the book presents a wonderful collection of over 100 delicious recipes for mushrooms from the store or from the field, fresh or dried.

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