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Cooking With Mushrooms
by Steven Wheeler
Cooking With Mushrooms List Price: $12.95
Used Price: $6.30
Cooking with Mushrooms begins with an introduction that explains everything a mushroom gatherer needs to know: it discusses the different habitats in which mushrooms are found, the times of year when different species grow and essential information on equipment, storing and preserving mushrooms. It also shows you how to take a spore print (the mushroom equivalent of a fingerprint!). A fully illustrated guide follows in which the features and habitats of the most popular edible mushrooms are described. As the huge majority of mushrooms are hunted for cooking, the recipes which follow are reliably popular with the whole family. Along with hints and tips for preparation and wonderful suggestions of how to preserve, store and cook your morning's pickings, the creative snacks and full meals ranging from traditional Creamy Mushroom Soup to Risottos and Pancakes with spicy mushroom fillings are quick to make and delicious to taste! Each recipe is accompanied by expert photography of the finished dish. Finally, a chapter on inedible mushrooms clearly illustrates all the poisonous and potentially deceptive species which the mushroom picker is most likely to come across. Fully illustrated with over 300 color photographs, this new volume is the most up-to-date and clear guide available: quick and easy to use, it provides all the essential information you need at your fingertips, for safe mushroom picking and delicious cooking results.

Mushrooms : Mushroom Recipes by Leading Chefs from Around the Globe
by Slan Irvine
Mushrooms : Mushroom Recipes by Leading Chefs from Around the Globe List Price: $21.95
Used Price: $3.35
Rich, earthy, and fragrant - the quintessential forest food - mushrooms have been eaten around the world since ancient times. Rare mushrooms were eaten by kings and aristocrats of Europe and the emperors of Japan and China, while the more common varieties found a place in peasant food, the meaty taste adding gusto to basic fare. From such origins, mushrooms have emerged as the common thread throughout much of contemporary dining, from japanese to Tuscan to Modern British and American, Mushrooms captures this global approach, with a collection of sixty recipes from leading restaurant chefs. Photographer Sian Irvine has beautifully captured the spirit of each dish - whether the aesthetic art of the Orient, the classic flavors of Europe, or the modern fusion of both.

Mushroom Magic: 100 Fabulous Fungi Feasts and Marvellous Mushroom Meals
by Peter Jordan, Steven Wheeler
Mushroom Magic: 100 Fabulous Fungi Feasts and Marvellous Mushroom Meals List Price: $14.95
Used Price: $16.10
This book presents an exciting repertoire of original ideas for using many types of mushrooms for every kind of meal and menu. The book commences with an introduction covering the culinary qualities of over 30 wild and cultivated varieties, including information on essential preparation techniques and imaginative suggestions for drying and preserving the different kinds. There are many suggestions on how to incorporate the morning's harvest into hearty breakfasts, warming soups and broths, and all manners of meat, poultry, fish and shellfish dishes for every kind of culinary occasion. A chapter is also devoted to vegetarian recipes, with delights such as Wild Mushroom Brioche with Orange Butter Sauce and Open Cap Mushrooms Stuffed with Hummus and Herbs.

Quality Czech Mushroom Recipes
by The Museum Guild of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
Quality Czech Mushroom Recipes List Price: $6.95
Our Price: $6.95
Used Price: $6.66
Mushroom hunting in the old countries is a popular activity. When the Czech and Slovak immigrants came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and other states with woodlands, they naturally explored for mushrooms. The recipes in this little book reflect the culinary traditions of the people. This book contains appetizers, main entrées, soups, salads, egg dishes, sautés, sauces, and spreads. There are many old fashioned recipes cherished by the immigrants and others adapted to the New World.

Joy of Truffles
by Patrik Jaros
Joy of Truffles List Price: $35.00
Used Price: $3.73

A Feast of Mushrooms
by Marlena Spieler
A Feast of Mushrooms List Price: $12.99
Used Price: $2.05
The 1990s have undoubtedly seen a surge in the popularity of mushroom-based cuisine. In a mouthwatering journey through the mysterious world of mushrooms, we learn about wild and cultivated varieties and their individual characteristics, including Asian dried mushrooms. The book also features a selection of international gourmet recipes. Full-color illustrations.

From Duff to Dinner: A Gourmet's Guide to Mushroom Cookery
by Marjorie Young, Vince Viverito
From Duff to Dinner: A Gourmet's Guide to Mushroom Cookery List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $12.95
Used Price: $3.37
These recipes are a cut above the usual, basic recipes. The editors have solicited selected recipes from Master Chefs, and present them in such a way that you will feel as if the chefs are in your kitchen providing you with a private gourmet cooking class.

The Mushroom Feast
by Jane Grigson
The Mushroom Feast List Price: $16.95
Used Price: $3.19
With more than 250 recipes, Jane Grigson describes the preparation of the best fresh and preserved mushrooms (think lowfat). Besides the traditional use of mushrooms to enhance meat and vegetable dishes, edible fungi may be cooked in vine leaves, made into pâté, powdered, puréed into mushroom ketchup, baked into a flan (an Alice B. Toklas specialty), baked as a cake with cream sauce, and used in many other dishes that are too intriguing to resist. Grigson also explains the differences between good and poisonous mushrooms, relates some folk stories behind the recipes, and gives a history of mushroom cultivation that doesn't leave you in the dark about friendly fungi.

Joe's Book of Mushroom Cookery
by Jack Czarnecki
Joe's Book of Mushroom Cookery List Price: $17.95
Used Price: $7.95
Joe's Book of Mushroom Cookery is the New Basics of fungus. With more than 300 recipes, the selection ranges from the elegantly simple to the ultimately sophisticated. The book is also an excellent guide to demystifying cooking with both commercial and wild mushrooms. Czarnecki immediately cautions of the inherent dangers in collecting wild mushrooms, and advises that caution and education are the best way to avoid pitfalls. Since this is a cookbook, not a field guide, a chapter is included on how and where to learn about collecting wild mushrooms. Also helpful is an extensive section on the culinary characteristics and preparation and storage of selected mushrooms. But where Czarnecki ultimately shines is in the recipe section of the book. Joe's Book of Mushroom Cookery is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of mushroom recipes available.

Portobello Cookbook: 40 Quick and Easy Recipes
by Jack Czarnecki, Alexandra Maldonado
Portobello Cookbook: 40 Quick and Easy Recipes List Price: $14.95
Used Price: $0.54
Jack Czarnecki, America's foremost authority on cooking mushrooms, has written the first book focusing exclusively on the versatile portobello mushroom. The portobello, also known as the "portabella," "portabello," and "portobella," is deliciously satisfying and low in fat and calories. Portobellos also provide a depth of flavor that is difficult to achieve with vegetables alone, making them invaluable to vegetarians and others who want to reduce their consumption of meat. The Portobello Cookbook provides some forty recipes for tasty soups and salads, satisfying main courses, tempting side dishes, and irresistible snacks. Most of the recipes are simple and quick to make. Using flavors and cooking methods from around the world, Czarnecki presents such treats as Shaved Portobello and Lemongrass Soup, Portobello-Vegetable Stir Fry, and many more delicious recipes. The book is beautifully designed and illustrated by Alexandra Maldonado.

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