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Level 2

Bright colors, and visuals (i.e. things start to move and breathe), some 2 dimensional patterns become apparent upon shutting eyes. Confused or reminiscent thoughts. Change of short term memory leads to continual distractive thought patterns. Vast increase in creativity becomes apparent as the natural brain filter is bypassed.


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  • Titanic in Jamaica
    I went on spring break with my family to Negril, Jamaica.

  • Euphoria
    WARNING: Please read my article "Avoiding a Bad Trip", or the equivalent, before trying this at home (even though I break alot of my own rules in this story - I still believe you should have some guidance before taking your first plunge, as well I did).

  • Multi-Racial Trippin
    It was a tuesday night and I, a black guy, had grown a forest of shrooms.

  • Totaly Triped Out..
    Well it all started on a thursday afternoon, there was no school on friday somy friends, sister and i decided to do some shrooms.

  • Evergreen Wonderland

  • Mush is Great!
    I began my trip in the morning.

  • Mushies in the Evening...
    1:40am consumption 2:10am still no obvious effects noticed, although some tightening of the skin about back of the head could be felt.

  • Trip Dreams
    Well, I tried a melatonin/Ps.

  • Trip to Burger King
    • 1.00

    My friend and I had been growing some cubes and it was a Friday so I decided to have some fun.

  • Mushroom Skiing
    I was recently in Sun Valley, ID and got a chance to go skiing.

  • TRIP!
    On a friday night my friend Kirk recieved a call from some girls we met at the mall on a previous occasion.

  • My 1st Trip on shroo
    During the summer of 97 i took my first dose of shrooms.

  • First mushroom trip
    Ok, I hjave always wanted to try shrooms but could never find any.

  • Trippin!
    Me and my friend decided to try shrooms at one time so we ordered 3 grams and split 50/50, i.

  • Trippin' on A Hole..
    First of all, I can't believe how powerful these things really are.

  • First Time
    This trip happened back in september 97.

  • tripping at ozzfest
    Well me and my friend went to ozzfest 98.

  • Tripping In a Creek
    It's been awhile, but I thought I'd try to recollect my first experience with shrooms.

  • Tripping w/ the Duck
    I've done acid many times and always wanted to try mushrooms.


  • First Time Bliss
    As my knowledge of the world around me increased, I found the next logical step to be mushrooms.

  • First Time Shroom'n
    Just wanted to tell you about my first experience with shrooms.

  • Unexpected Results
    I am writing this as a report of my previous experiences with mushrooms along with memories of a trip I went on yesterday.

  • 1st Time, No Regrets
    I'm a freshman in college, and adjusting to being about 700 miles from my friends and family was (and is) pretty dificult.

  • Unite the Planet
    Sunday 31/5 ยด98.

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