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Level 1

This level produces a mild "stoning" effect, with some visual enhancement (i.e. brighter colours, etcetera). Some short term memory anomalies. Left/right brain communication changes causing music to sound "wider".


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  • Mushrooms and mescaline. - Self realisation.
    Around this time last year I had a mushroom and mescaline trip.

  • Bad Trips and the "Laws" Of psychology/Tripping
    Right,not sure where to start,so I'll just state a few "laws" first.

  • Bathroom Tripp
    My friend Ben and I got a 1/2 quarter of shrooms last night after a huge power outage in our town.

  • i understand insanity
    well basically ive doen shrooms about 7 times with varying levels of trips.

  • summer 2005
    at the beginning of summer 2 years ago, i had my first mushroom trip, i remember it so well, taking them with mates up the old fort, i had about 5/6 mexican mushrooms, which are quite beastly ones and then about 15 minutes later remmebering it to start hitting me, i started giggling and feeling really laid back, a few of us went to the shop to get water etc and i slid on dog shit haha and it was the funniest thing ever, we went down by point fields and chilled out under the trees and i was fucked!

  • Gymnopilus spectabilis trip
    the best way of diskguising the taste of this bitter mushroom is to drink some orange juice before you pop thoes orange mushies in your mouth.

  • best trip ever
    hi im 15 years old and i tried mushrooms for the first time last night.

  • 2nd time(fear and loathing)
    Well this was the second time that i have ever done shrooms in my life.

  • First time in paradise
    well this summer that just passed (2006) me and my friend were hanging out and we had nothing to do, we had both been interested in shrooms for a while, but i was havin some issues and wasn't sure about trying them.

  • First time trip, best thing ever!!!
    • 5.00

    Okay it all started when I started smoking pot, I have always wondered about shrooms and what the trip was like.

  • First timers ( i wish i did more )
    To start it off, me and my friend (we will refer to him as Ari), decided to take shrooms early on in the week (around monday).

  • The funniest day of my life
    • 5.00

    I have had a few giggles in my life, all 51 years, but this took the cake.

  • A+ ultimately hilarious
    so yesterday i had a 8 hour time out off house arrest and decided to take an eighth of p.

  • Very fun 1st trip
    First let me start with saying I am very ignorant to the whole wait system of mushrooms, nor do i posses any types of scales used to measure such things.

  • my first time we went to the roof of this office building...
    i tried mushrooms for the first time a couple of months ago my senior year of high school.

  • A trip to heaven.
    So, I was really scared to do shrooms actually.

  • fun times
    i was staying at a fiends house the night befor we rolled hardcore.

  • A half quarter of mystery and enwonderment
    Okay, So, one day I was sitting in my room, feinding to smoke some pot.

  • Christmas in July
    • 4.00

    Well it had been a while that I had wanted to try shrooms- I was never peer pressured and I'm not a druggie, but I do occassionally like some bud and I figured shrooms was pretty safe compared to other hallucinogens.

  • Feelin the music
    I had been wanting to try shrooms for the longest time, but i was always kind of worried i would trip bad.

  • CraZiest trip
    Me and buddy got a hold of some boomers and decided we'd both eat an eight.

  • My 1st Time :]
    My 1st time was really great.

  • chaotic pattern of forms
    Some years ago some friends and i boiled 1000 welsh shrooms up and drank a few cups each After about half an hour i felt a bit stoned.

  • Mushies And Rush(Amyl Nitrate)
    Age-36,but about 18/19 when I had the trip.

  • Mushies And Rush(Amyl Nitrate)
    Age-36,but about 18/19 when I had the trip.

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