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Level 1

This level produces a mild "stoning" effect, with some visual enhancement (i.e. brighter colours, etcetera). Some short term memory anomalies. Left/right brain communication changes causing music to sound "wider".


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  • First time trip, best thing ever!!!
    • 5.00

    Okay it all started when I started smoking pot, I have always wondered about shrooms and what the trip was like.

  • First timers ( i wish i did more )
    To start it off, me and my friend (we will refer to him as Ari), decided to take shrooms early on in the week (around monday).

  • The funniest day of my life
    • 5.00

    I have had a few giggles in my life, all 51 years, but this took the cake.

  • A+ ultimately hilarious
    so yesterday i had a 8 hour time out off house arrest and decided to take an eighth of p.

  • Very fun 1st trip
    First let me start with saying I am very ignorant to the whole wait system of mushrooms, nor do i posses any types of scales used to measure such things.

  • my first time we went to the roof of this office building...
    i tried mushrooms for the first time a couple of months ago my senior year of high school.

  • A trip to heaven.
    So, I was really scared to do shrooms actually.

  • fun times
    i was staying at a fiends house the night befor we rolled hardcore.

  • A half quarter of mystery and enwonderment
    Okay, So, one day I was sitting in my room, feinding to smoke some pot.

  • Christmas in July
    • 4.00

    Well it had been a while that I had wanted to try shrooms- I was never peer pressured and I'm not a druggie, but I do occassionally like some bud and I figured shrooms was pretty safe compared to other hallucinogens.

  • Feelin the music
    I had been wanting to try shrooms for the longest time, but i was always kind of worried i would trip bad.

  • CraZiest trip
    Me and buddy got a hold of some boomers and decided we'd both eat an eight.

  • My 1st Time :]
    My 1st time was really great.

  • chaotic pattern of forms
    Some years ago some friends and i boiled 1000 welsh shrooms up and drank a few cups each After about half an hour i felt a bit stoned.

  • Mushies And Rush(Amyl Nitrate)
    Age-36,but about 18/19 when I had the trip.

  • Mushies And Rush(Amyl Nitrate)
    Age-36,but about 18/19 when I had the trip.

  • First fall down the rabbit hole...
    Te first time i did shrooms i was pretty excited about it because people had told me about them and im into psychedelic drugs and visual shit.

  • Skating on shrooms.
    During my last experience on mushrooms, I experienced heightened mental and physical abilities- specifically demonstrated through my skateboarding ability.

  • we.came.we.picked.we.tripped.out...
    me and my girls had heard all the boys talking about their fukt up trips on mushies.

  • CRAZY!
    Well I've tried mushrooms a few times, gotta say I love em.

  • first time
    Last night i had my first trip.

  • Tripthought-Autistic First Trip
    Background info: I tried to write this in the style of tripthought.

  • rediculous connections
    they say u should trip with people ur very comfortable with.

  • baaaaddddd ttrrriiipppp
    • 3.00

    started off with big hand fuls off shams me and my buddy conner eat about 12 grams each it was kinda trippy cuz we got busted by the cops for j walking yeah anyways my body was starting to feel very heavy untill i smoked a bowl then i was real light and felt like i was floating .

  • wierd trip
    alright its friday and me my 2 friends buy some weed and i get an 1/8 of some unknown strain of shrooms.

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