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  • oldimages/3381/28934.jpg
    First Flush of Golden Teacher in drying chamber....

  • oldimages/3381/28937.jpg
    WTF - this mushroom grew inside-out. The gills are on the top and the cap is on the underside

  • oldimages/3381/28938.jpg
    this is the biggest from the second flush of B+

  • oldimages/3381/28972.jpg
    same pic just touched it up a bit altogether bout 5 mins of work

  • oldimages/3381/28989.jpg
    this looks more like what I actually saw :)

  • oldimages/3381/29000.jpg
    3 1/2 pint br/verm with moss/verm casing fruiting.

  • oldimages/3381/29005.jpg
    Rye Substrate w/ Coir & Vermiculite Casing #1

  • oldimages/3381/29006.jpg
    Rye Substrate w/ Coir & Vermiculite Casing #2

  • oldimages/3381/29007.jpg
    Rye Substrate w/ Coir & Vermiculite Casing #3

  • oldimages/3381/29010.jpg
    im new at this...i used the black tshirt method. please help

  • oldimages/3381/29019.jpg
    Psilocybe Cubensis- I spent 10 min. picking these in The Feild of Dreams (HIGH TIMES)

  • oldimages/3381/29024.jpg
    pc palenque growth, but not too much luxuriant

  • oldimages/3381/29025.jpg
    pc huautla waiting for to pin. Too much dry surface maybe?

  • oldimages/3381/29026.jpg
    Fresh Liberties I bought from a friend who just started growing, not sure how to price fresh ones as they weigh more wet then dry, any ideas?

  • oldimages/3381/29030.jpg
    • 5.00

    Psilocibe Cubensis found exactly at 19°24'22.42'' N 103°42'33.39'' W Elev 4121 ft. That is, near the village of Cofradia, in the state of Colima, México.

  • oldimages/3381/29031.jpg
    massachusetts mushroom 1a on horse dung it is july

  • oldimages/3381/29032.jpg
    massachusetts mushroom 1b on horse dung it is july

  • oldimages/3381/29042.jpg
    • 5.00

    P. Cubensis, South American strain fruiting in outdoor bed. (Popcorn cased with vern/coir, flushed 3 times indoors and then placed outdoors, covered in poo/straw. 2nd outdoor flush.)

  • oldimages/3381/29043.jpg
    P, Cubensis, South American strain. Dextrose LC > Popcorn, cased with verm/coir. 3rd flush.

  • oldimages/3381/29048.jpg
    This is my first grow... Nepal Chitwan... Doing good!

  • oldimages/3381/29051.jpg
    This is my first time setup. Notice the single grow bag. It came with three others which went home with my friends.

  • oldimages/3381/29052.jpg
    Each of the two coolers contain twelve pint jars which are kept out of the standing water by a metal shelf. Each cooler's humidity and temperature is maintained by an aquarium heater and kept in check with two thermometers and a hygrometer. The strain/jars are as follows: 10 B+, 5 Amazonian, 4 Golden Teacher, 4 Treasure Coast, and 2 “Strain of the month” Mysteries.

  • oldimages/3381/29053.jpg
    Close up of a pint jar 7 days after inoculation. This shows a moderate to high level of growth compared to the other 23 jars. The substrate is a rye flour/ vermiculite mix.

  • oldimages/3381/29054.jpg
    Close up of a grow bag 9 days after inoculation with Treasure Coast. It should be noted that the picture was taken after the bag was manhandled to spread the mycelium chunks around.

  • oldimages/3381/29074.jpg
    A single psilocybe subaeriginosa growing in mulch near Yarra River Melbourne Victoria

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