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Fruiting Chambers

Construction how-tos for various mushroom fruiting environments, such as Shotgun Terrariums, Monotubs, and others.


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  • A Different Growing Chamber
    • 2.25

    Another, rather well thought-up growing chamber.

  • The Hobo's Terrarium
    • 3.75

    Is the Poor Man's terrarium too much for you? Take it down a notch with this ultra-small, ultra-simple method.

  • The Economy Semi-Automated Terrarium
    • 3.57

    A great, detailed tek which explains how to build a cheap and low maintenance terrarium.

  • Cybers Martha Tek
    • 4.60

    A Martha is a large fruiting chamber that maintains it's own humidity and air exchange, no fanning, no misting, just load it up add water and wait.

  • Poor Man's Pod
    • 4.62

    The Poor Man's Pod is a fruiting chamber for cakes with the benefit of automatic airation and humidifucation.

  • Double Tub Pictorial
    • 4.86

    Simple step by step instructions for creating a double tub fruiting chamber that will yield bumper crops of shrooms.

  • Automated Greenhouse Guide...By Helltick.
    • 4.75

    Fruiting chamber based on the Martha closet...By Helltick.

  • Monotub
    • 5.00

    The simple, self contained, maintenance free fruiting chamer

  • Bootedboy's easy perlite Tek
    • 5.00

    Method for washing and reclaiming perlite

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